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MAGNET Enterprise is a web-based solution to manage your field and office data in the cloud. Track your assets and communicate with all those involved on projects. Login from any browser for live updates. Save time and money.

The power of cloud storage and exchanging of data is realized in increased productivity. Sharing the most up to date, recently collected, or recently drafted data is critical to avoid mistakes in the field or the office. Enterprise provides the manager with the ability to see all projects on-going and also a secure private backed up copy of historical data.

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Map Views

See your projects on the screen in Google Maps view. See all project locations or select one to view the actual field data on the map.

Live Chat

Communicate with anyone else in your company live through MAGNET Field, Office, or Enterprise. Just open a Chat Session with them right inside Enterprise.

Secure Backup

All data stored at MAGNET Enterprise is protected through a global network of server storage. The data is only accessible by you and those who you designate.


Interesting news updates about the precise positioning industry and product updates.

To Do List

Create list of tasks and review this list with status indicators such as pending or complete. Set due dates and record when tasks are completed.

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